Sno*Blind Expedition is a winter trail riding event held in mid February on the trails located in West Branch, Michigan. The event is a three day weekend long trail ride in the Michigan snow and ice.

Participation is open to anyone with a four wheel drive vehicle with low range capability. We have many stock and modified vehicles attend from Jeeps to full size trucks.

During the Sno*Blind Expedition banquet we have awards for different aspects of the event.

The Snow Bound Award: Goes out to the person who ends up having the worse stuck. This could happen on any trail on any day of the event. It could even happen while trying to get to the event.

Frost Butt Mechanic: Look out for that complete axle rebuild in the parking lot at 2:00 in the morning in 20 degree weather on Friday night so that the day could start again early Saturday. Or, the pair of socks tied to the exhaust system to hold it together for another trail run.

Trail Kill Cuisine: What’s on the menu for the most luxurious or interesting, unusual lunch on the trail, from the full blown grill entrees’ to what is under the hood sitting on the manifold.

Saint Bernard: We call this the “Good Samaritan” for good reason. Anyone going out of their way to help another in need gets this award.

Louis & Clark: Most difficult journey. Anyone who had a really tough time just getting to the event (some even won the Snow Bound award too, see above)

Snow Dummy: Brains N/A. We have fun with this one. This award is earned after the saying “maybe I shouldn’t have done that” is said. Included with this award is joining a special membership with past recipients so that the past stories can be reminisced over and over again

Snow Flake: Trail Leaders are awarded this prize. Even though we are highly trained in the ancient arts of trail leading we do sometimes mess things up.


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