Stretched & Slammed

Unlimited Offroad’s crew has been leading the way in lengthening wheel base “STRETCHING” for close to a decade. When building your Jeep or 4×4 it’s critical to keep the center of gravity as low as possible. Coming up with creative ways for suspension and body clearance is our specialty. Browse our handpicked parts selection to build your rig the way the pros do, making your daily driver compete with the buggies on the weekend!
Advantages to “Stretching & Slamming” include:
  • Better Road Manners
  • Better Approach & Departure Angles
  • Longer Control Arms – keeping components functioning smoother & axles stationed in the pocket.
  • Longer Driveshafts – Allowing more travel with less binding
  • More Stable In Steep Climbs
  • 2″ of lift on 40″ tires looks amazing! It’s so low, your grandma could get in it!
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