AEV JK Geometry Correction Front Control Arm Drop Brackets

American Expedition Vehicles

AEV’s Front Control Arm Drop Brackets pack a lot of suspension performance improvements into a small and affordable package. These brackets improve ride quality by eliminating front axle ‘precession’ caused by uncorrected suspension lift geometry.  The corrected motion allows the front tires to move up and rearward (as they did on the stock vehicle) in response to a bump rather than trying to ‘lunge’ over it.  Additionally, they dramatically reduce front-end ‘dive’ during hard braking by relocating the ‘virtual instant center’ of the front suspension.  They also provide alignment correction for proper tracking by restoring caster angle without the need for cam bolts or different/adjustable arms, plus a slight reduction in maximum front driveshaft angle during suspension travel. 

AEV Front Control Arm Drop Brackets are included in all AEV 3.5″/4.5″ DualSport suspensions, but can also be added to AEV’s 2.5″ DualSport suspension, as well as other manufacturer’s suspensions that retain the OE control arms. These are NOT to be used with adjustable control arms.

Cambolt Kit comes for extra - $12.99 

Collections: AEV, JK Suspension

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