Hybrid Fusion Synthetic Rope 9,500Lbs 100 Feet Smittybilt



The Smittybilt Hybrid Fusion Synthetic winch rope is made with a Technora cover with a Dyneema core coated with polyurethane. The rope includes a Nylon Safety core that will remain intact if a break occurs preventing the rope from snapping back. This rope has a 3 times greater cut resistance and 2 times higher heat resistance. It has a high decomposition temperature of 500C and can be used at 200C for long periods of time and even at 250C it maintains more than half of the tensile strength when previously measured at room temperature.

  • Universal
  • 9500 Lb
  • 15 times stronger than steel
  • Floats on water
  • Chemical resistant
  • Includes heavy duty hook
  • Stainless steel thimble
  • Removable chafe guard

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