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JK 2-Dr Body Armor (Steel) for Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2016. Poison Spyder JK Body Armor is recommended equipment for any JK venturing into off road situations where body damage is eminent. JK Body Armor protects the thin factory sheet metal with rugged, precision-fit 3/16 inch plate steel or aluminum.

Used by itself, JK Body Armor hugs the Jeep body contours to provide protection with no loss of ground clearance. Used with the factory Rubicon rocker rails, the JK Body Armor helps prevent trail damage that can be caused by rocks pushing the factory rocker rails up into the body. And used with Poison Spyder JK Rocker Knockers, the JK Body Armor provides one more line of defense for your JK, in the Most complete, strongest, best looking package of rocker panel protection gear available for the JK.

  • Fits snugly over your Jeep rocker panels to protect them from damage on the trail
  • CNC laser cut, brake-formed 3/16 heavy duty steel
  • Recommended for use with Poison Spyder JK Rocker Knockers (sold separately)
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware and instructions provided

JK Body Armor is manufactured from either 3/16 inch high pressure steel plate or 3/16 inch 6061-T6 aluminum plate. Steel is preferred where the JK Body Armor will be installed by itself, without Rocker Knockers or other rocker panel protection. Aluminum is recommended where Rocker Knockers, the Stock Rubicon rocker rails or other rocker panel protection will also be used. The aluminum pieces are much lighter weight (27 lbs. lighter for the 4-door versions), yet still provide excellent load distribution characteristics when used as a secondary barrier in conjunction with external rocker rails. Both steel and aluminum versions may be painted or powdercoated prior to installation, but only the aluminum ones may be installed raw without any protective coating. They may also be polished or clear-coated at the installers discretion. Both steel and aluminum parts are CNC-laser cut and precision brake-formed for a precise fit to the unique contours of the JK body. Bolt holes are countersunk, and stainless steel flat head cap screws are supplied for a clean, flush-surface installation.

Drilling of the body is required for installation.
JK Body Armor is shipped in bare, unfinished metal. You will need to paint or powdercoat prior to final installation.

Note: Installation of this product includes drilling and installing 1/4-20 nut-serts. We provide a rudimentary tool in the kit for installing the nut-serts, however it can be tedious and frustrating to use. If you are going to be installing several products that require the use of nut-serts, you may find it worth the expense to purchase a Professional Nut-Sert Installation Tool. Also, the drill size required for this, 25/64 inch.

Poison Spyder offers a precisely-cut rubber liner to install between the Body Armor and the factory sheet metal. Although the Body Armor can be mounted without the liner, this additional component adds protection from debris collecting between the Body Armor while protecting your Jeep factory sheet metal and paint. The rubber liner is cut to match the lines of the Body Armor perfectly - no cutting or trimming is required. Liners are sold separately and do Not automatically come with the Body Armor kits.

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