JK 4-Dr Brawler Rockers (Steel) Poison Spyder

Poison Spyder


JK 4-Dr Brawler Rockers (Steel) for Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2016. Jeep JKs, especially the long wheelbase 4-door Unlimited, are extremely vulnerable to rocker armor damage on the trail. Poison Spyder Brawler Rockers provide the ultimate rocker armor protection while actually enhancing your Jeep off-road capability Not to mention they look bad-ass!

  • Two-piece design combines body-hugging Body Armor with formed rub-rail
  • Made entirely of CNC laser cut, precision brake-formed 3/16 high strength steel plate
  • Rub rail ledge may function as an entry step
  • Body tub mounting provides better ground clearance than frame-mounted sliders
  • Stainless steel hardware and install instructions included

Brawler Rockers are two-piece mini-boatside style rocker armor. Each component is fabricated entirely of CNC-laser cut, precision brake-formed 3/16 inch plate steel. The upper piece fits the lower section of your Jeep exterior sheet metal like a glove, conforming to the subtle curvature of the JK and providing protection similar to Poison Spyder JK Body Armor. The lower piece incorporates an extremely strong rub rail that protrudes about 3.25 inch outboard of the Jeep body tub.

The top surface of the rub rail may also serve as an entry step. Below, the brake-formed 3/16 inch plate steel angles down and inward to form a high clearance boatside for sliding off of rocks and obstacles. Inside, an array of beefy 3/16 inch thick internal gussets provide ultimate strength to the Brawler Rocker. Oval lightning holes along the length of the boatside section provide great Poison Spyder looks while allowing access to hose out mud and debris after a day on the trail. The ends of the Brawler Rockers are capped in the same 3/16 inch plate steel, in angled facets that allow up to a 40 inch tire and visually integrate with the lines of Poison Spyder front and rear JK Crusher Flares.

The upper piece attaches to the body tube using supplied stainless steel flat-head cap screws and nut-serts. The lower piece attaches to the upper piece also with stainless steel flat-head cap screws and easy-to-install clip-nuts. All fastener holes are countersunk for a flat surface using the flat-head hardware. Underneath, the lower piece attaches at the Jeep body mounts. Attaching the Brawler Rockers in this way, along several different planes, provides triangulated strength to the entire assembly. The body-mount tie-ins ensure that they are securely integrated to the strongest structural component of the Jeepthe framewhile also allowing the Brawler Rocker to hug the body tub as closely as possible. Please Note that Brawler Rockers are Not compatible with body lifts.

Brawler Rockers are designed to handle a serious beating! They Not only provide unmatched rocker protection, but they also provide a super strong pivot point which can help you to maneuver through tight obstacles. The boatside design will allow the Jeep to slide off of rocks and back onto the center of the trail. The protruding rub rail keeps vertical obstructions such as trees and rock walls a safe distance from the Jeep doors and other vulnerable body parts. And when you need to change a tire or perform an extraction, the Brawler Rocker provides a strong, convenient lifting point for your Hi-Lift jack.

Brawler Rockers ship as bare steel, allowing you to paint or powdercoat in the color of your choice. Note that if you have previously installed Poison Spyder JK Body Armor, you will be able to re-use the existing nut-serts, saving a significant amount of installation time (Body Armor will have to be removed).

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