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JK Rear Crusher Flares Extra Wide (Steel) for Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2016. These Extra Wide JK Crusher Flares are 2 inches wider than our Standard Width Crusher Flares. This gives you 2 inches of extra tire coverage to help comply with local tire coverage laws while keeping more dirt and mud from being flung up on to the side of the Jeep by wider wheels and tires. The Jeep JK thin sheet metal fenders and Stock plastic flares are among the most vulnerable body components when traversing the trail. Poison Spyder JK Crusher Flares improve both the aesthetics and durability of your Jeep during your off road adventures. Crusher Flares and Poison Spyders exclusive Inner Brace system are the ultimate in front fender armor for your JK, with the toughness to withstand punishing scrapes with granite canyon walls. This product ships as bare steel it will need to be painted or powdercoated prior to final installation.


  • Replace flimsy plastic OE fender flares with heavy duty steel
  • 2 inches wider than our Standard Width Crusher Flares
  • CNC laser cut 3/16 inch mounting plate and 1/8 inch top plate
  • NC bent 1.5 inch OD X .120 wall DOM tube outer rub rail
  • Internal bracing kit transfers impact loads to Jeep heavy gauge inner tub structure
  • Bare Finish
  • Sold As A Pair

The Poison Spyder JK Crusher Flare provides tire coverage for up to a 40 inch tire (minor trimming of the inner sheet metal may be required for tire clearance). The Crusher Flares mounting plate is made of CNC laser cut 3/16 inch plate steel that has been brake-formed to fit the contours of the JK flare mounting surface like a glove. The Crusher Flare rails are CNC-bent 1.5 inch X .120 wall DOM structural tubing, with a fender surface made of 1/8 inch laser-cut plate steel.

The Crusher Flare mounts using stainless steel countersunk flat head cap screws that provide a low profile, great looks and corrosion resistance. Installation requires drilling and installation of the provided nut-sert fasteners. Poison Spyder supplies a simple nut-sert installation tool to facilitate the process. Crusher Flares are sold as bare steel. For added structural rigidity when hardcore wheeling, Rear Crusher Flares come with a 4-piece Inner Brace Kit. The Inner Braces are engineered to provide the internal structure to keep the Crusher Flares from deforming the Jeep outer tub sheetmetal on impacts. The components are laser-cut and brake-formed to precisely fit between the Jeep outer sheet metal and the heavier gauge steel of the structural inner tub. The result is a Crusher Flare installation that will withstand serious hits from the rocks.
Extra-Wide Crusher Flares are designed for those Jeepers who need extra tire coverage to satisfy local laws, or who simply want to keep more dirt and mud from flinging up onto the Jeep due to wide wheels and tires. These Extra-Wide Crusher Flares measure 10.75 inches wide at the widest point (measured from the Jeep body sheet metal). Compared to the Stock plastic flares and our Standard Width Crusher Flares which both measure 8.75 inch, the Extra-Wide Crusher Flares provide an extra 2 inches of tire coverage. Not only are they wider at the top, they also stay wider toward the bottom for better mud-guard functionality. Poison Spyder also offers matching Extra-Wide Rear Crusher Flares.
Roll-Bent Outer Tubes
Poison Spyder Crusher Flares were the first all-metal armored flare on the market when the Jeep JK debuted with the 2007 model year. Since then dozens of companies have tried to duplicate the original. But Poison Spyder stays a step ahead, and Now Crusher Flares are the only metal armored flare on the market constructed with CNC Roll-Bent Outer Tubes. Using the latest technology in computer-controlled roll-benders to form these tubes results in several advantages. First, and Most obviously, roll-bending results in a much more elegant product, whose subtle curves match the lines of the Jeep JK perfectly. Our competitors products are easy to spot because parts made on traditional tube benders have sharp, segmented bends that simply cant match the Jeep body lines as well. The other benefit is that roll-bending is a gentler process, resulting in less weakening of the tube where it stretches or compresses around bends. Only Poison Spyder Crusher Flares are manufactured with this state-of-the-art CNC roll-bending process!
Steel JK Crusher Flares are constructed using 1.5 inch X .120 wall DOM (Drawn-Over-Mandrel) structural tubing as the outer rub rail. This DOM tubing provides better resistance to crushing, kinking, and bending than competitors flares made with thinner wall, welded seam tubing. The foundation of the Crusher Flare is a CNC laser cut, 3/16 inch thick steel mounting plate, precision brake-formed to conform to the subtle curves of the JK body panels. Mounting holes are countersunk for the use of flat-head stainless steel mounting hardware. The top plate is CNC laser cut 1/8 inch aluminum plate, which is hand formed around the curves of the Crusher Flare for a factory appearance that matches the JK organic body lines better than any other aftermarket metal flare available.
Exclusive Inner Brace Set
Every set of Poison Spyder JK Crusher Flares comes with a set of inner braces that tie the Crusher Flare in to the sturdier, heavier-gauge steel of the JK inner body tub structure. Competitors JK Flare products simply bolt directly to the outer layer of the JK body sheetmetal. But as any JK owner kNows, the exterior sheet metal is very thin and flexible. Simply bolting a heavy duty fender directly to the exterior sheet metal without the inner bracing is a disaster waiting to happen. Regardless of how sturdy the flare is built, upon contact with rocks, trees, etc. it will simply push in and deform the flimsy sheet metal it is bolted to, possibly causing expensive and unsightly damage.

The Inner Brace Set that comes with Poison Spyder Crusher Flares effectively bypasses the outer sheetmetal, instead transferring those forces to the much stronger inner structure of the Jeep. These Inner Braces are CNC laser cut, brake-formed for a great fit and simple installation.
Provisions for LED Marker Lamps
JK Front Crusher Flares come Standard with mounting provisions to replace the factory side marker with a high intensity 3/4 inch round LED marker light (sold separately in red, amber or clear/amber). The addition of the LED provides a more modern and refined look that complements the function and style of the Crusher Flare.
Steel or Aluminum?
Not sure whether to choose steel or aluminum for your Crusher Flares? Aluminum is lighter in weight, so might be the best choice for those looking to save weight on their heavy JKs in order to improve fuel mileage and gain an advantage off-road. However, when wheeling with aluminum flares it is up to the driver to use more care and finesse, as the aluminum components are Not going to be able to withstand the same direct impacts that steel can. The outer tube on our aluminum Crusher Flares is beefy .188 wall thickness. Compared to our steel Crusher Flares which use .120 wall DOM steel tubing. The thicker tube wall recoups some of the strength lost by going to aluminum, however the steel versions will still be stronger in a direct impact with the rocks. For reference, an aluminum product general weighs 1/3 to 1/2 the weight of its steel counterpart.

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