JK Rear Crusher Flares Standard Width (Steel) Poison Spyder

Poison Spyder


JK Rear Crusher Flares Standard Width (Steel) for Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2016. Poison Spyders Crusher Flares add hard core durability and great looks to your Jeep JK. Like in the front, the original equipment rear flares are flimsy plastic which can tear off and are easily damaged on the trail. Poison Spyders Rear Crusher Flares for JK are all-steel, precision-fabricated replacements that are built to handle extreme terrain. This product ships as bare steel it will need to be painted or powdercoated prior to final installation.


  • Replace flimsy plastic OE fender flares with heavy duty steel
  • Standard Width mimics approximate width of Stock fender flares
  • CNC laser cut 3/16 inch mounting plate and 1/8 inch top plate
  • NC bent 1.5 inch OD X .120 wall DOM tube outer rub rail
  • Internal bracing kit transfers impact loads to Jeep heavy gauge inner tub structure
  • Bare Finish
  • Sold As A Pair

The Poison Spyder JK Crusher Flare provides tire coverage for up to a 40 inch tire (minor trimming of the inner sheet metal may be required for tire clearance). The Crusher Flares mounting plate is made of CNC laser cut 3/16 inch plate steel that has been brake-formed to fit the contours of the JKs flare mounting surface like a glove. The Crusher Flare rails are CNC-bent 1.5 inch X .120 wall DOM structural tubing, with a fender surface made of 1/8 inch laser-cut plate steel. The Crusher Flare mounts using stainless steel countersunk flat head cap screws that provide a low profile, great looks and corrosion resistance.

Installation requires drilling and installation of the provided nut-sert fasteners. Poison Spyder supplies a simple nut-sert installation tool to facilitate the process. Crusher Flares are sold as bare steel. For added structural rigidity when hardcore wheeling, Rear Crusher Flares come with a 4-piece Inner Brace Kit.

The Inner Braces are engineered to provide the internal structure to keep the Crusher Flares from deforming the Jeep outer tub sheet metal on impacts. The components are laser-cut and brake-formed to precisely fit between the Jeep outer sheet metal and the heavier gauge steel of the structural inner tub. The result is a Crusher Flare installation that will withstand serious hits from the rocks.
The JK Rear Crusher Flare Kit comes Standard with mounting provisions to place a small 3/4 inch LED marker lamp inside the flare just rearward of the tire. The LED can be wired in to the Jeep running lights or turn signal circuits. 3/4 inch amber LED lamps are available separately from Poison Spyder.

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