Land Cruiser Fabric Doors 2-Piece Supertop 64-84 Toyota Land Cruiser Black Denim Pair Bestop



2-piece fabric doors provide protection from the elements while offering the versatility of using just the lower soft door when desired. Heavy-duty zippers in upper half door for reliability. Clear vinyl windows.

  • Fits 1964-1984 Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Made In Black Denim Fabric
  • Includes Bestop Paddle Handle Door Latches
  • Fits Supertop - P/N 51464-01
  • Snug fit is ensured by using adjustable lower door pins and door collars
  • Velcro to fasten upper and lower doors together
  • Double-bulb weather stripping surrounds the door to facilitate a good seal
  • Exterior fabric color matches Bestop and factory original soft tops
  • Sold As A Pair


Type: Soft Fabric Doors

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