LED Light Bars – Model 9049-3M

J.W. Speaker

For those looking for a unique light bar, the Model 9049 3-module light bar offers you both a fog and a spotlight option! 19" LED Light Bar. 


  • Level of durability perfect for off-roading
  • Unique fog and spot beam patterns
  • Easy installation with universal mount
  • Uses our Model 6048

The Model 9049-3M fog light is the very first light bar that is legal for use on-road and will not blind oncoming traffic when mounted. This three-module version of the Model 9049 features three fog lights rather than three driving lights for a unique and effective beam pattern.

The Model 9049-3M spotlight combines both spot and driving beams, using high-performance optics for bright, white light. This three-module version of the Model 9049 features a driving light in the center, with spot beams on each side to produce a focused, spot beam pattern.


Type: Unknown Type

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