AEV JK 3.5" 4dr/2dr DualSport Suspension - SC

American Expedition Vehicles


  • Expedition-Ready / Daily-Driven Practical. More so than any of its predecessors, the JK Wrangler is not just a trail-mastering off-road specialist, it’s a truly “street able” on-road transport too. The AEV DualSport enhances the JK to raise its performance in both arenas.
  • Tuned Vehicle Dynamics. The DualSport system has been thoroughly tuned for impeccable behavior in every situation you might put it in – and especially the ones you didn’t intend to.
  • Complete. AEV DualSport JK systems are truly stand-alone packages that include everything needed to elevate your JK properly, including shocks.



  • Doors: 2 Door, 4 Door
  • Drive Options: Left Hand Drive, Right Hand Drive
  • Lift: 3.5" Lift 
  • Variations: LHD vs. RHD: The RHD Kit includes unique High Steer Kit and Track-bar brackets to account for the unique geometry of the RHD vehicle. 


Collections: AEV, JK Suspension

Type: Unknown Type

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